What is Hotel Management Software?

Hotel management software can be utilized to carry out essential organizational and financial tasks by hotels, resorts, motels, RV parks, condos and others. These functions include reservations, customer relationship management, property and maintenance management, accounting, and employee scheduling.

Hotels attempt to enhance their efficiency and performance and this has led to the creation of hotel management platforms. This type of software is also termed Property Management System (PMS) and more comprehensive apps are termed Hotel ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning).

A hotel’s daily activities include booking and reservation, front office, finance, banquet, inventory, HR, quality management, material management, energy management, security, CRM, housekeeping and more. It can be a tricky task for hotel management to handle all these various activities simultaneously. They can use hotel management software to automate repetitive work. This type of integrated and automated solution can be used to enhance operations, collate business intelligence, and reduce costs effectively.

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